Do you have someone in your family that is passionate about bodybuilding? Then you’re in the right place! In this article, we will go through the best gifts for bodybuilders – whether you give those as a birthday present, a Christmas gift or for any other occasion.

Give special attention to numbers 5,8 and 9 as these are my favorites of all time (PS: These don’t give me any commissions – just personal favorites).

So here we go, grab a notebook and start jotting down ideas!

Top 10 best gifts for bodybuilders in 2020

Here are my personal favorites – the top 10 gift ideas for bodybuilders.

1. Meal prep lunch bag

best gifts for bodybuilders

Let’s face it,  meal prepping is no easy task. A meal prep lunch bag is exactly what you need to keep your meals fresh, cold, and ready to be eaten. All you need to do is get them out of the bag and into the microwave.

This gift is perfect for bodybuilders that work in the office, people that tend to have a hectic lifestyle and those of us that consume a lot of meals throughout the day.

And it doesn’t just stop there.  a meal prep bag is a perfect place to store your workout outfit, gym shoes and all other equipment that may be needed for your training. 

Most bags will come with their own ice packs, Tupperware and accessories to make the bag work in your best interest.

2. Weightlifting shoes – Reebok Powerlifts

Weightlifting shoes come in all different shapes and sizes, depending on your goals and taste in design. When we previously talked about the Reebok Powerlifts, we made sure to emphasize that they are a great pair of shoes for both men and women that like to squat heavy.

These shoes may be a bit high-end when it comes to your budget, but they certainly are one of the best gifts for bodybuilders. The black and white colors will make this pair fit any outfit and will further help the athlete improve all their big lifts.

3. Rogue wrist wraps

A relatively cheap but much-appreciated gift is a pair of high-quality wrist wraps. Whether it is to improve your bench press, overhead press or any other pushing movement for that matter, having wrist support will improve both your body mechanics and your energy output.

Rogue wrist wraps have been the staple for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts all over the world. This particular brand is being used by powerlifters all over the world and is known to be both more durable and more stiff on your wrist. 

At less than $30, this is certainly one of the best gifts for bodybuilders.

4. Fitovation BFR bands

Blood flow restriction training is one of the most studied workout methods worldwide. Not only has it shown to be perfectly safe, but also a great way to induce a muscle pump with little to no weight.

BFR bands are one of the relatively inexpensive gifts when it comes to bodybuilding accessories. At less than $20, Fitovation BFR bands are a high-quality, durable gift that will surely be appreciated. The bands are 1 inch thick and 7 inches long, which makes them ideal for both legs and arms occlusion training.

The pack contains 2 bands and is ideally given to more experienced athletes that know and understand the benefits of BFR training.

5. MASS membership

mass research review

Let me be clear about this one. I receive absolutely no commission for any MASS sale made through this post. I only mention this option because I believe it to be one of the best gifts for bodybuilders!

In essence, MASS is an online publication for evidence-based bodybuilders and personal trainers. It is a great way to stay on top of the latest research and be the first to know about new and interesting findings. For the evidence-based community, this gift is an absolute must.

Contributors include Mike Zourdos, Eric Helms, Greg Nuckols, and others.

The price starts at $25 per month but you can even buy a lifetime membership if the budget allows.

6. Gym membership gift

gym membership

If the person you need to buy a gift for has been working out in their home gym, then you know that their workouts may be limited.

A gym membership may be a relatively cheap gift (except if you pay the annual fee upfront), but it is a great motivation to elevate one’s workouts to the next level.

Ideally, you’d find the gym closest to your home and get this present on the discount season. More often than not you will also get freebies upon signing up. These include gym bags, towels, and shakers.

7. Personal training session with influential bodybuilder

best gifts for bodybuilders

Much like we watch a lot of videos and posts from our favorite influencers, fitness enthusiasts watch workout videos from world-renowned athletes. Milos Sarcev, Jay Cutler, Dorian Yates, are just a few names in the elite of bodybuilding.

But, did you know that you can actually book a workout with them? That’s right! Most of the elite work as personal trainers, charging anywhere from $80 to $250 per training session.

Ideally, you’d want to do some research on your local fitness celebrities and see if they are stationed in any gym close to your location. Then, inquire for their services and see if they have any open spots.

8. Charles glass ebook

best presents for bodybuilders

Charles Glass is one of the most influential coaches in the bodybuilding industry. Not only does he train athletes like Dexter Jackson, but he also comes up with unique variations of classic exercises.

Many have been inspired by his workout routines and want to implement his techniques in their workouts. If you are looking for a gift that will actually be used, this is certainly the one.

Charles has laid his workout foundations in his latest ebook, where he talks about exercise selection and training routines, among other topics.

9. Muscle and Strength pyramid books

pyramid books

If there would only be two books that a new competitor or fitness coach needs to read, it would be these two. Eric Helps, together with Andy Morgan and Andrea Valdez, come together to analyze literally EVERYTHING you need to know about strength training and nutrition.

The blue book, which focuses on strength training, educates readers on the topic of exercise selection, proper training splits and gives templates for athletes of all experience levels.

The red book is all about nutrition. You will learn everything related to flexible dieting, vitamins, minerals, water intake, and even peak week best practices.

This is a great gift for people that want to become bodybuilders or get a fitness-related education. Get your bundle for $67 with lifetime updates on future versions.

10. A pocket scale

pocket scale

If the person you need to buy a gift for is counting macros, look no further. Seriously! Passionate flexible dieters (myself included), will literally weigh everything that goes in their mouth.

Weighing food happens all the time. This includes restaurant visits and buffet scoop-ups on holiday season.

AccuWeight has a small scale that weighs up to 300gr. This makes it perfect for all occasions where they will be eating out and just need to ensure they are getting the right amount of protein. This is why it belong to the best gifts for bodybuilders.

30 more great gift ideas for bodybuilders

We just talked about our favorite options above. These are great gifts that can be given to athletes that practice all types of exercise and are not very specific in their gift selection.

Now, we will present 30 more gifts that our team found to be great for fitness enthusiasts.

11. Elbow sleeves

Elbow sleeves are a great gift for people that are looking to increase their bench press lifts. They are usually worn to prevent injury and improve the power output during low-rep sets.

This gift is more oriented towards bodybuilders that focus on strength rather than shape. It is also a great way to show your care towards someone who might be taking things a bit to the extreme lately.

12. Knee powerlifting sleeves

knee sleeves

Knee sleeves are a great gift for athletes that tend to Squat a lot. While expensive brands like SBD are way out of budget for most (and frankly, you just pay for the brand name), STRONG knee sleeves are a great alternative.

They come in different colors and tightly wrap your knees before you load the barbell with multiple plates. Gift these together with a matching weightlifting belt and you will make squatters and female athletes very very happy!

13. ProFitness Weightlifting belt

Now, I chose ProFitness because the thickness and width of the belt are ideal for heavy lifts. Especially for athletes that perform deadlifts, squats, and OHPs often.

Weightlifting belts are meant to help athletes improve core strength, prevent injury and add stability to all their compound lifts. They are common for athletes of more advanced levels and make a perfect gift for people that have decided to take fitness more seriously.

14. Shorts for Squatting and deadlifting

Did you know that not all shorts are the same? That’s right – the elasticity and sizing of some shorts are specially made to support athletes that perform flexible exercise movements, like squats or walking lunges.

This gift is specifically for men. Women have the comfort of leggings which, in my personal opinion, would make leg workouts a lot better for men too. But since we are not yet at a comfort level where all men walk around in leggings, you’ll need to find the next best solution.

And, in this case, that is shorts.

Make sure you click on the link and read more upon the exact details that make squatting shorts one of the best gifts for bodybuilders.

15. High-quality gym outfit(s)

gymshark outfit

The gym is not just a place to get in a quick workout. For many people, it is their second home. And because of that, it is important to maintain a good sense of style.

Brands like Gymshark, Ryderwear, and Alphalete have taken fitness apparel to the next level. Not only do they create clothes look great, but they also feel great, thanks to the perfect amount of elasticity in the fabric blend. These companies invest a lot of their time and budget to ensure that their customer relationship management practices exceed those of their competitors.

Make sure you visit each website individually and check the selection for both men and women.

16. Encyclopedia of bodybuilding

best gifts for bodybuilders

Looking for that all-time-classics gift? The encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding is possibly one of the best books you could buy.

Written by Arnold Schwarzenegger, this book lays out the foundations that make a bodybuilder and educates readers on the steps requires to attain the perfect physique.

The book is updated with new sections on nutrition, psychology, injury prevention, workout methods, and even contains photos of the newest stars in bodybuilding.

Make sure you read the reviews and decide whether or not this book is worth the money you pay for it.

17. Protein powder

protein powder

Does this one need an introduction? Protein powders are probably the most common gift given to bodybuilders when people don’t know what else to give. This, or a supplement store’s gift card.

And while this gift is quite common, it does not mean its not a good one. In fact, it is one of the most thoughtful presents, since it indicates your support and belief in the athlete’s potential.

Most protein powders cost around $50-$70 per 5lbs, which usually lasts for about 1 month.

18. Online fitness coach

Online fitness coaching has become a lot more cost-friendly nowadays. It is the best gift for someone who is looking to take his hobby to the next level. However – beware! Do not go ahead and buy this gift before you consult with the person you want to give it to.

You will most likely be less experienced with regard to the quality of coaches out there. In most cases, your bodybuilder will know more about the coaches he wants to work with and their rates. Since everyone has a different rate, it might be worth the conversation.

Finally, it’s better to get one month’s coaching from a great coach, than half a year’s coaching from an average coach. As such, you really don’t wanna go cheap on this one.

19. Home gym additions

home gym equipment

Some people like to train in gyms, while others take their time to build the perfect home gym for their workouts. If your bodybuilder is part of the latest, you might want to buy him a multifunctional fitness machine. These train the whole body and only take up a minor amount of space.

And if this is not the best idea, then may you could invest in a very particular machine, like a quad raise or hamstring curl. To give you an idea, here are the most important pieces that each home gym should contain:

  • Power rack with bench
  • Lat pulldown
  • Cable station (upper and lower handle)
  • At least some dumbells

So go ahead and get creative with this one. Chances are that your gift will have a very positive impact on the person you give it to.

20. OnMyWay Protein travel kit


Not everyone likes to store their scoop of protein in a stinky protein shaker. This is exactly why OnMyWay created the most convenient protein “packages”.

These allow you to store a scoop of protein and then easily drop the powder in your water bottle, before mixing.

It’s a great option for people who may not always have a meal readily available but still want to make the most out of their nutrition habits. As such, it’s a great gift for people who are out of the house most of the day and need to get a quick “hit” of protein on the go.

21. TRX suspension trainer

TRX is another amazing gift for bodybuilders. It was developed as a tool for military personnel to maintain their fitness levels on locations that did not provide the comfort of a gym. Soon after, it became a worldwide trend all over the world.

Today, TRX is a staple in most gyms and there are even group lessons that are only focused around this piece of equipment.

As such, this can be a great gift for bodybuilders that workout at home, or bodybuilders that tend to travel a lot.

22. Nutribullet


Nutribullet has made a name for being the best blender for protein smoothies. It is by many considered to be the best gift for bodybuilders.

The device is quite small and only fits 500ml of liquid. The device is specially designed to blend a personal portion and can crush through almost anything, whether these are nuts, seeds or ice cubes.

Additionally, Nutribullet costs no more than a traditional blender would, which makes it an even more luring option for your favorite bodybuilder.

23. BOSE noise-canceling headphones

bose headphones

Noise cancellation headphones are a great gift for people for both men and women. This is because most of the time, gym music is total shit, and commercial clubs won’t make an effort to actually play some motivating music.

The BOSE pair shown above is the one I own. It’s kinda pricey but offers great depth, volume, and clearness of sound (if these are the correct terms). However, they do come at ±$350, which may put them a bit out of your budget.

Nonetheless, you can find wireless, noise-cancellation headphones for as low as $20, and most of the time their quality will be acceptable.

24. George Foreman grill

This is a great gift idea for students and young professionals that passionate about bodybuilding. Since the luxury of cooking is not always available, a quick grill session may just be what they need. It’s also more time-efficient and doesn’t require any oil for cooking.

George Foreman Grills are budget-friendly, easy to clean and very versatile when it comes to the different foods they are able to cook. You should also consider investing in one of these, especially if you plan on cooking healthy for your family!

25. Tanning salon gift card

present for bodybuilders

To attain a perfect physique, bodybuilders will often add a few tanning sessions. After all, a dark-colored skin-tone will bring out the best parts of your physique for the world to see.

Ideally, you’d want to gift this to women who are into fitness, but males also appreciate the service. This is especially true for those deep in their cutting season or those preparing for a competition. It’s not only one of the best gifts for bodybuilders, but for anyone who likes some extra vitamin D!

Usually, salon tanning cards come at different price points, which are measured per session or per minute. Given that each session is about 10-15 minutes long, a $50 gift card would be a great amount of value to get at least 3 tanning sessions in.

26. Harbinger Pullup/dip belt

best gifts for bodybuilders

A piece of equipment not often found in gyms, yet very appreciated by bodyweight lifters. The pullup/dip belt is a great accessory to increase to progressively overload your dips and pullups, making you stronger along the way.

This option is very cheap compared to others in this list and certainly makes it a top gift idea, especially for those that like to exercise outside with kettlebells.

27. Strong foam roller

Many are still wondering if a foam roller is really necessary for a successful workout. This small piece of equipment comes in different levels of hardness and width and is mostly used to warm up all the muscles in your legs and back.

This is one of the best gifts for bodybuilders that like to test their power in deadlifts and squats since a proper stretching and foam rolling routine will most likely be necessary.

28. OURA ring

oura ring

OURA rings were designed to measure the effectiveness of one’s sleep cycles. While most of us have at least a general idea of the way we sleep, most have not really looked into it in more detail. With this little piece of equipment, however, it becomes a lot easier.

Not to mention the impacts of proper sleep on your physique goals. Proper rest has been proven to have a large impact on your muscle-building abilities.

29. Gorilla Wear Gym bag

best gifts for bodybuilders

Gorilla wear is well known for its quality products in the world of bodybuilding. This faux leather bag is one of the most stylish pieces they have. I have personally owned this bag myself and it lasted me for a cool 3 years before the zipper broke down.

The bag fits an easy 20-30lt and is ideal for people who need to pack a lot of things for their gym session. To give you an idea, I was personally filling up my bag with the following:

  • gym shoes
  • small towel
  • shower towel
  • change of clothes
  • socks and underwear
  • hygiene items
  • laptop bag

As you can imagine, the bag is very durable and won’t break under heavy loads. So if the budget allows, and you feel like you want to buy a great duffle bag, look no further than this one.

30. Bathroom scale

bathroom scale

In a world where online fitness coaches are taking over the industry, the concept of everyday weigh-ins is quickly increasing. And having a reliable digital scale plays a big role in one’s ability to track progress.

You don’t need to go with the bulkiest and heavy scale either. This scale by Inotech is the perfect balance between balance and reliability. It shows your weight in kgs or lbs and comes in multiple colors.

This is a must-have for all bodybuilders who take their physique goals seriously.

31. Steel water bottles

metallic bottles

Many influential bodybuilders have talked about the benefits of drinking water from steel bottles. It keeps your water cold and crisp, you stay away from BPAs, and it helps you save money too!

The particular model shown in the picture is a high quality 304 stainless steel version from Triple Tree and comes in three different sizes. Not only are they environmentally friendly and very durable, but they also come with an eye-catching design, which makes them one of the best gifts for bodybuilders.

32. Saliva testing – Testosterone levels

saliva test

In bodybuilding cycles, athletes very often wish to know their testosterone levels. And while doing a blood test can often be a dready thing to do, there are now multiple companies that have founds alternative solutions.

These companies will send you a package over the mail, which will help you self-test your testosterone levels by providing a sample of your saliva. This is sample is then sent back to the institution, where they will check the sample and give you a phone call to discuss the results.

So, if you know that the athlete in your family is trying to raise their testosterone levels naturally, don’t wait. Put it to test and see if the results come back positive.

33. High-quality Tupperware set


We all know how stinky Tupperware can get with the use of time. Heck, some of us still use thin plastic bags to carry around our food. It almost seems inconceivable how necessary and convenient this gift could be.

Sure, it’s not the most attractive option to give, but trust me… bodybuilders will love this one. Especially is the boxes are of high quality (like the one above), they can make a great addition to a gift package or given standalone as a small surprise.

34. High-pressure cooker

pressure cooker

This one is kind of unusual, I know. Expensive too! But bare with me. Bodybuilders eat meat almost daily, with the majority being dried out chicken breasts. It comes to a point that most want to just give up on bodybuilding cause they simply can’t stand the taste anymore.

Pressure cooked, however, takes the taste to the next level. Due to its built, it “slow cooks” chicken in as fast as 30 minutes, making it easy to pull apart and soft like butter. Restaurant quality from the comfort of your home.

This cooker also works great for red meats, especially those that require a lot of cooking, like beef. Only, instead of cooking it for hours on end, you simply need to luck the cap and wait for 30 minutes.

Great food, every single time!

35. Rice cooker

best gifts for bodybuilders

Does this one need an introduction? I guess not. Most bodybuilders eat white rice and potatoes pretty much on the daily. And while potatoes are pretty easy to cook for most, rice is way more complicated.

Without the proper attendance, water to rice ratio and low fire, your rice can quickly turn into a mash looking more like a bowl of oatmeal. And this is exactly where the rice cooker comes in.

This device cooks your rice perfectly, simply by setting it and forgetting it. Just choose whether you want to steam or cook the rice and pick the type of rice you are cooking. Finally, you can also set a delay timer so the rice is perfectly cooked exactly when you need it to be.

36. Lifting Progress notebook

best gifts for bodybuilders

This is one of those gifts that completely changes a bodybuilders’ life. Most of the time (especially in the offseason), athletes go to the gym and simply go through the movements so they can get as fast out of there as possible.

This is no joke. Most people train for results, not for pleasure. And yet, results are often hindered because there is not progressive overload taking place. Every week, you should try to increase your total volume at least by a little.

This is why fitness logbooks are necessary. It helps you write down your workouts. How many sets and repetitions you did for each exercise, the duration of your breaks and even how you felt on that particular day.

While it may seem unnecessary at first, over time, this can give you the best overview of your exercise performance.

37. Pill organizer

best gifts for bodybuilders

Fish oils, vitamins, and minerals… these are a lot of pills! Heck, for the average bodybuilders to get the right dose of Omega-3, he will probably need to consume 8-10 soft gels per day.

So, where can you store all these pills for convenient use? In a pill organizer of course! The above option looks more like something you’d see at your grandparents’s nightstand. However, it makes the life of a bodybuilder a lot easier.

Store your pills by the time of the day they are best taken, and go about your day. Easy, simple and very convenient – one of the best gifts for bodybuilders.

38. Body measuring tape

best gifts for bodybuilders

There are many ways to measure an athlete’s progress. There is bodyfat measuring, there is the scale, even the mirror can give you a good indication. But one of the best ways to keep up with your goals is by measuring your bodyparts weekly.

That’s right, you can measure your waist, chest, quads, biceps and even your calves with the right measurement tape. All you need to do is find an option that is specifically designed for that purpose – just like the one in the image.

These cost almost nothing to acquire and yet make your life so much easier.

39. Gold’s gym hoodie

best bodybuilding gift ideas

One of the best gifts for bodybuilders is a golden era shirt! Gold’s gym is the place where it all started – where Arnold pumped iron, where the big guys were “constructed”. This hoodie is perfect for bodybuilders in the offseason, who would rather hide their physique for the time being.

The hoodies come in different colors and sizes, so you can find one that best suits the person you are gifting it too. But always remember, ordering clothes online has its own risks, since returning the item can be a very inconvenient process.

40. Liquid chalk

best gifts for bodybuilders

For bodybuilders that like to deadlift and jerk, liquid chalk is the better alternative to wrist wraps. The improve the grip of their hands on the barbell and make each lifting attempt is perfect as it can be.

These bottles make hand chalking efficient, by coming in a liquid form and leaving little to no trace on the barbell after the athlete is done lifting. It comes with a convenient clip-on, so the athlete can keep it with him anywhere they go.

And that’s it! This article showed you the best gifts for bodybuilders of all types, written by a bodybuilder himself. No more awkward gift-giving. From now on, you will know exactly what to give, depending on the personal preferences of the athlete in your family.


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